'One Art Course to Rule Them All' 

The Infinite Artist Master Course is an ever-evolving, ‘living’ art  program designed to help beginners start creating art RIGHT AWAY, as well as helping seasoned artists advance their art careers….and everything in-between.


From drawing, painting, and sculpting( both traditional and digital mediums), along with storytelling and 'The Business of Art', this course is not only designed to teach technique but also help artists SELL their work.
Lastly, this course will be COMMUNITY DRIVEN! We'll use assessments to gauge what artists want to learn, then make those video lessons priority!
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More Awesomeness Included in the Master Course!


You'll learn how to tell stories and build WORLDS with your own art!

The Business of Art

Learn how to SELL your art, find work, and succeed as an artist!

Live Q & A's

You'll have direct access to Alex Ruiz for pro tips and career advice!

Private Community

You'll have access to a safe and fun space to share your art, connect with others

Infinite Artist has all the tools you need for your art journey!

Think of Infinite Artist as a 'theme park for learning art'! This is the 'map' that will always be expanding with more awesome things!

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