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My name is Alex Ruiz, creator of Infinite Artist. I appreciate your visit and thank you for taking the time to read this.

This is me and my beard:D

If you don't have much time, here's the gist of it:

'Infinite Artist is a movement to help as many people as possible reach their optimum artistic potential. By giving EVERYONE the knowledge and power alongside the practical techniques to realize the artist that's already within them, Infinite Artist aims to empower individuals to become the artist they were born to be. This starts with strong foundational and fundamental drawing skills, and will lead (should the artist choose) to advanced digital art creation techniques. And equally important and often NOT taught in schools, Infinite Artist nurtures and cultivates the core mindset artists need to thrive.'



If you have a few more minutes and want to know more, let's keep rolling:).....


When I created Infinite Artist in mid-2018, my intention was to make an online art training program. A place to stream my digital painting tutorials and maybe do some live q&a webinars.

But it started becoming so much more than that. Because I realized a lack in FOUNDATIONAL ARTIST EDUCATION within the community itself, in both beginner AND advanced artists. I also recognized a profound deficiency in 'the artist's mindset.'

Being a successful artist these days is so much more than harnessing good technique. 

There are countless artists out there who are overflowing with great technique. They are the best of the best.


Yet, why is it that many artists have trouble finding work? 


It's because the majority of artists are not TAUGHT HOW TO FIND WORK! And as a result, they end up LOST.

They are told to 'get good, and the work will find you'....BULLSHIT. That might happen to the rare few, but never the majority.

 In short, Infinite Artist is a new environment for artists to learn, grow, and thrive, from the ground up.

Mental technique is equally important to get ahead in the competitive art world.

For millennia, artists have been plagued with misconceptions that did have a basis in some truth, but we live in a different day and age now.

The 'starving artist', and the idea that the artist must be tormented to create great art are ideas I want to challenge. This is a different era. We know so much more about the mind, about the world. 

We can be incredible artists, and create beautiful and profound work, AND have a grip on our lives and emotions.

I aim to bring a new generation of artists into this new realm, and Infinite Artist is the vehicle.

~ Alex Ruiz

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