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Drawing Eyes- Facebook Live

drawingeyes howtodraweyes Mar 30, 2020

Another very unpolished video, from a facebook live, on drawing eyes.

Hopefully there's a few good tips in there for you guys!:)

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How to Draw an Eye - Facebook Live


How to draw and eye using basic straight angles, then we details. 

FYI, this was a facebook live vid and is not a 'polished/produced/edited', it's just me ranting and drawing...but I think it will be nonetheless fun AND informative:)

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What's Going on with Infinite Artist?

Uncategorized Feb 11, 2020

More rantings from a madman in his mad cave :D


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How to Draw Faces


All faces start somewhere, both biologically and artistically speaking. In this short video, I'll show you how to use basic shapes to draw a simple, solid and structural face.

There are many ways to learn facial anatomy, but the tips I'm passing along here will help you improve the way you draw faces. This will be something you can use forever. I promise!

PS ...You can download the step-by-step PDF outline of this process on the DOWNLOADS PAGE HERE!


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Master Artist Mastermind

inspiration mastermind Oct 28, 2019

Leonardo da Vinci and H.R. Giger came over last night....


...and they gave me some great ideas for new paintings.

'Wait, what?! Those guys are DEAD!' you might be thinking. 

Well, not to me! ( At least in an imaginative sense, anyways;)

They're alive and well in my thoughts, AND they advise me all the time. 

Enter the Master Artist Mastermind!

These are the minds I converse with on a daily basis. They give me ideas, encouragement, and insight for into my...

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Drawing Lips: Part 1


Tips and techniques for drawing lips. Keep it simple, keep it fun!

Rock those lips my friends:) xo

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Drawing Noses: Part 1


In this video I go over the very basic structures of the nose to help make your nose drawings look solid!

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Drawing Eyes: Part 1


The basics of drawing eyes along with basic eye anatomy explanation. Have fun!

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Ways to PROSPER with your art.

Turns out the letter P describes a whole lotta shit artists deal with...

Living as an artist can be PAINFUL. Our PRIDE is hurt when our work is criticized, and sometimes we don't even get PAID for the work we do! Which can PARALYZE us into a mental PRISON, then we PANICK and hurl PROFANITIES wondering how we're gonna PAY rent!...sheesh, enough with those downer P's.

Here's something I threw together offering some POSITIVE directions you can PIMP and PROGRESS your art in...( download and keep...

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Chaos, Order, and Finding Your Art Style.

art style drawing May 29, 2019

Thoughts on art technique, style, and's all connected:)

How we unify chaos within art will ultimately help us find the art style we may be seeking.

Hope you enjoy!


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